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Red Polyethylene Microspheres 1.035g/cc - Various Sizes 425um to 600um (0.6mm)

Product ID: REDPMS-1.035
Red Polyethylene Microspheres 1.035g/cc<br>Bright Red Spherical Polymer Microparticles
Red Polyethylene Microspheres 1.035g/cc
Bright Red Spherical Polymer Microparticles

Material Safety Data Sheet - Polyethylene Spheres, Beads, Microspheres, and Nanospheres

Bright red spherical polymer particles are supplied in dry powder form and are color-stable in solution. Controlled particle size ranges enable investigation of maximum particle size passing through the openings, filters and membranes.

Polyethylene microspheres are hydrophobic and need to be coated with a surfactant prior to suspending in water or aqueous media. We recommend Tween 80 Bio-compatible Surfactant.

Density: 1.03-1.04g/cc
Particles in Size Range: > 90%
Spherical Particles: > 90%

In-stock orders ship in 1-2 business days. Please contact us for custom size ranges or volume pricing.

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