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Particle Sizing and Analytical Services

Custom particle size classification services to grade your particles, powders or aggregates to size. We can grade your particles to any size between 15um (0.00059 inches) and 5.6mm (0.220 inches). The table shows cut sizes that we can currently grade to. Custom cut sizes are available by request.
Particle size and shape analysis and particle size distribution measurement via Optical and SEM Microscopy, True Particle Density & Specific Gravity via Pycnometer (gas volume displacement), and other services.

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NIST-Traceable Microsphere Certificate of Analysis / Product ID NIST-traceable microspheres, NIST size standards, NIST microsphere, NIST sphere, microspheres COA, Certificate of analysis, sphere diameter histogram
Product ID: COA-NIST
NIST-Traceable Microsphere Certificate of Analysis per Product ID
Certifies microsphere compliance to specifications and provides complete particle size distribution (sphere diameter) profile.

Certificate of Analysis Includes:
(1) Full Histogram Showing Actual Microsphere Size Distribution (determined by measuring a statiscally significant sample of individual microspheres with optical microscopy)
(2) % Spherical Particles
(3) % Satellites
(4) % Non-Round Particles
(5) Specific Gravity
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Price: $250.00

Availability: Ships in 2-3 Business Days

Products 1-1 of 1