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    Material Safety Data Sheet - Hemispherically Coated Solid Glass Microspheres

    Solid glass microspheres are hemispherically coated with fluorescent orange coating, which makes the glass spheres appear colorful and fluorescent at daylight and exhibit bright fluorescent response under UV light. Three options of glass core are available for customers who require a fluorescent tracer of a specific density:

    Borosilicate Glass Core - Density ~2.2g/cc
    Soda Lime Glass Core - Density ~2.5g/cc
    Barium Titanate Glass Core - Density ~4.5g/cc

    Color: Bright orange under daylight and UV illumination (606nm peak emission)

    Microspheres are packaged in a vial, quantity of spheres varies by size. Available as dry powder.

    Other sizes and grades of orange particles are available:
    Orange Polymer Microspheres

    Other glass particles are available:
    Glass Microspheres

    Produced under Pat. 8,501,272

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