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Custom R&D design of microtechnology system to customer's specifications.

Embossed Polycarbonate Microstructure with Long ChannelsDesign of Containment Structure: Containment structure is designed for functionality, manufacturability, cost and environmental stability requirement. Cospheric's engineers are experienced in challenges and limitations as well as advantages of microreplication process. We will design the structure that will be suitable for R&D as well as cost-effective manufacturing processes. We specialized in structures micro-embossed in polycarbonate as thin as 50micron. We have hands-on materials and microembossing expertise to develop a specific microreplication process for a polymer of your choice. We regularly make microreplications of greater than 5:1 aspect ratios and ~250k features per square inch. We can achieve high aspect ratio microreplications of greater than 10:1 on smaller scale samples. We can also apply precision thin coatings on microstructures, and have extensive experience with optically-clear laminations, encapsulations and adhesives.

Microembossed Pockets or Cavities in a Polymer Microstructure

Raw Materials Selection and Sourcing: Not every polymer is suitable for microreplication by hot-embossing. Only polymers with specific melting points and phase transitions can be used. Our extensive experience with high aspect ratio microreplication by hot embossing allows us to select materials that will meet the demands of the process and product requirements. Does the matrix material need to be compatible with solvents, oils or other materials? Does it need to be able to withstand certain temperature, UV, pressure and humidity requirements? Are the color or transparency of the microstructure important? What about electrostatic properties of the material? We can help you answer all of those questions and select the right material for your product requirements and your unique application.

Active Electrophoretic Particles Loaded into Embossed MicrostructureActive Elements with Correct Functionality: Working with small active particles and microspheres is one of our key areas of experitise. We can design particles with specific functionalities, including surface charge, magnetic, surface, color properties. The particles can be designed to respond under specific conditions. Half-shell or hemispherical coatings can be applied to any sphere (glass, polymer, ceramic) in sizes 45micron in diameter and higher. Coatings can be customized for any color and coverage of between 20% to 60% of the sphere. Each coating is custom formulated for color, charge, magnetic, electric, and surface properties, and solvent resistance per customers’ needs. We offer a selection of coated paramagnetic particles that will rotate in response to electromagnetic field. Highly charged microspheres exhibit electrophoretic properties in a variety of applications.

Side View Cross-section of a Laminated MicrostructureSelection of Adhesives: Since we have sourced adhesives for many microtechnology projects, we are very familiar with what adhesives are commercially available on the market and have relationships with key adhesive suppliers. We can work with you to find an adhesive that works for your application (solvent resistant, optically clear, heat-sensitive or pressure-sensitive, activation temperature, etc). We have in-house tools for precise lamination and/or encapsulation of microstructures.

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