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Cospheric is your one-stop reliable source for microspheres, microstructures, particle sizing and analytical services. We also offer consulting and custom R&D services to develop and manufacture microtechnology solutions to meet unique needs of each customer.  Most standard products are in stock and ship the same business day.  Place an order on-line or contact us for a custom quote.


We are constantly expanding the selection of precision spheres, microspheres, beads and microparticles we have in-stock. Variety of colors, materials, densities, fluorescent, phosphorescent, paramagnetic, solid, hollow, coated, monodisperse, spacer grade, neutrally-buoyant, and density marker beads. Solid and hollow glass, silica, PMMA, polyethylene, and other polymer spheres, silver-coated glass, aluminum-coated retroreflective particles, TiO2-coated spheres and more unique beads in diameters from below 1micron to 3mm. We specialize in manufacturing custom spheres with specific density between 0.95g/cc and 1.3g/cc, particles with exceptional sphericity and tight size distribution, as well as spheres for PIV and flow visualization studies.
Cospheric - Manufacturer of Precision Microspheres, Beads, Spherical Microparticles


Polymeric microstructures are manufactured by microreplication or microembossing technology with high or low aspect ratio precision microstructured geometries in a variety of polymer films, and are widely used in medicine, optics, and biotechnology. Polycarbonate (PC) and polyetherimide (PEI) films as thin as 50micron are used to make microreplications of greater than 5:1 aspect ratios and ~250k features per square inch. High aspect ratio microreplications of greater than 10:1 are possible.

Cospheric - Microreplication, Microembossing, Microstructure Development and Manufacturing

Custom Coatings on MicroParticles and MicroStructures:

We can apply precision thin coatings on microspheres and microstructures, and have extensive experience with laminations, encapsulations, and adhesives (solvent resistant, optically clear, heat-sensitive or pressure-sensitive, activation temperature, etc). We own proprietary technology for applying hemispherical half-shell coatings on particles and arranging a monolayer of particles in an array or a specific pattern. We also have extensive experience in electronic paper development. Contact us to discuss your needs.
Custom Coatings on Spheres, Particles, Beads, Microstructures

Particle Sizing and Classification Services:

We pride ourselves on tight particle size distribution of our products and offer custom particle size classification services to grade your particles, powders or aggregates to size.  We are equipped to grade your particles to any size between 15um (0.00059 inches) and 5.6mm (0.220 inches). Spacer grade particles and custom particle sizes are possible and available by request. We utilize a very strict quality control process using Optical Microscopy to guarantee that the product is in spec and can provide a certificate of compliance per request.
Looking for Testing Sieves? We sell 3", 8", 200mm, 12", and 18" sieves. Contact us to for a quote.

Analytical Services:

Our testing lab provides measurement services for Particle Size and Shape and Particle Size Distribution utilizing Optical or SEM Microscopy depending on the size of the particles. We provide a technical report that includes high resolution images of your particles and a detailed analysis of results.
Since we specialize in custom density microspheres and density marker beads, we are equipped to perform Density Measurements of your particles with the most accurate gas pycnometer on the market.

Consulting Services:

There are many different particles on the market and the possibilities for custom formulated particles are endless. It can be hard to decide what materials, colors, densities, and particle sizes are suitable for your unique projects. In addition, specifications need to enable a cost-effective and economical solution that fits into the project's budget or meet projections for the price of the final product. Often the customer needs a reality check: Do these required particles exist or can they be manufactured? Can they be manufactured cost-effectively? How much investment in R&D is required? How long does it take to scale-up to product quantities? Our consulting services will help you answer these questions. Contact us to discuss your project.

Who We Are:

Founded in 2008 in beautiful Santa Barbara, CA, Cospheric LLC has already become an integral part of the technical community around the globe. We are a young and quickly growing company that  has gained the reputation for outstanding product quality and commitment to customer satisfaction. We work with scientists and engineers in leading universities as well as research organizations and manufacturing companies worldwide. We utilize our extensive technical expertise to help each individual customer find a creative solution for their unique needs.

We offer over 1000 microparticle products, most of which are stocked and ship in 1-2 business days, and the list keeps growing as new scientific and industrial needs are identified by our customers. Large majority of our products are manufactured in-house at our production facility in California, USA utilizing our proprietary technology.