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Polystyrene Spheres (PS)

Polystyrene Spheres and Microspheres are highly spherical plastic particles in sizes between 10um and 7mm. Polystyrene spheres with density slightly greater than 1g/cc are a useful tool as reference particles in simulation experiments and process troubleshooting. These particles make excellent precision fillers and template of choice for biological applications. The spheres are offered as a dry powder with no surface functionalization or coatings. They are is inert, chemically stable, and safe for handling. The primary safety precaution is minimizing inhalation of dust for particles less than 10 micron in diameter.

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Polystyrene Microspheres, Crosslinked, 1.07g/cc - Diameters between 9.5um and 105um polystyrene, PS, beads, microspheres, spheres, particles, crosslinked, dry, powder
Product ID: PSMS-1.07
Polystyrene Microspheres 1.07g/cc - highly spherical thermoplastic biocompatible microparticles.
Crosslinked polystyrene, dry powder, stable in the presence of organic solvents.
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Price: $248.50

Polystyrene Polymer Spheres Density -1.05g/cc 2.00mm - High Quality Polystyrene Plastic Spheres
Product ID: PSS-1.05
Polystyrene Polymer Spheres Density ~1.05g/cc 1mm - 1mm
High Quality Polystyrene Plastic Spheres
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Price: $50.00-$65.00

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