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Polystyrene Spheres (PS)

Polystyrene Spheres are highly spherical plastic particles in sizes between 2mm and 4.5mm. Large, highly-spherical particles of density greater than 1g/cc are a useful tool as reference particles in simulation experiments and process troubleshooting.

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Polystyrene Microspheres 1.07g/cc - Highly spherical thermoplastic biocompatible microparticles. Various sizes 9.5um-105um polystyrene, PS, beads, microspheres, spheres, particles, crosslinked, dry, powder
Product ID: PSMS-1.07
Polystyrene Microspheres 1.07g/cc - highly spherical thermoplastic biocompatible microparticles [more info...]
Price: $248.50

Polystyrene Polymer Spheres Density -1.05g/cc 2.00mm - High Quality Polystyrene Plastic Spheres
Product ID: PSS-1.05
Polystyrene Polymer Spheres Density ~1.05g/cc 1mm - 1mm
High Quality Polystyrene Plastic Spheres
[more info...]
Price: $50.00-$65.00

Products 1-2 of 2