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Silica Microspheres - Coated

Silicone-based coating on silica microspheres makes the spheres hydrophobic, easy to disperse, resistant to acids, alkalis, UV and moisture. Silver coating on silica spheres offers electrical conductivity and reflectivity of silver.

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Polydisperse Silica Microspheres 1.67g/cc d50=4-8um - Porous Silica Beads
Product ID: SiO2MS-1.67 2-19um
Polydisperse silica microspheres offer an economical option with excellent dispersibility, oil absorbancy, and fluidity. [more info...]
Price: $99.00-$304.00

Conductive Silver Coated Silica Microspheres
Product ID: SiO2MS-AG
Conductive silica microspheres with the electrical conductivity and reflectivity of silver. [more info...]
Price: $197.50-$248.50

Products 1-2 of 2