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Monodisperse microspheres have high sphericity and a very tight particle size distribution, often with CV<10% and specification of >95% of particles in size range. Monodisperse particles are often used as spacers in adhesives and coatings. Just a small amount of spacer grade monodisperse microspheres can create a controlled gap, as well as define and maintain specified bond line thickness. Spacer grade particles can also be used as calibration standards and tracer particles for qualifying medical devices.

Monodisperse spacer grade microspheres are often used in gas plasma displays, automotive mirrors, electronic displays, flip chip technology, filters, microscopy, and electronic equipment.

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Precision Polished Soda Lime Glass Spheres 1.5mm
Product ID: P-GS
Precision Polished Grades of Solid Glass Spheres.
>99% spherical; ≤20um Roundness
0.70mm to 7.00mm ±20um Diameter
Borosilicate (2.2g/cc) & Soda Lime Glass (2.5g/cc)
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Price: $45.00-$142.00

Spacer Spheres - Monodisperse Solid Soda Lime Microspheres - Calibration Grade
Product ID: S-SLGMS-2.5
Bondline Spacer / Calibration/Monodisperse Grades of Soda Lime Solid Glass Microspheres.
>90% spherical and 95% in size range. Tight particle size ranges between 18micron and 219micron in diameter.
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Price: $125.00-$248.50

Monodisperse Silica Microspheres - Spherical Silica Beads
Product ID: SiO2MS-1.8
Monodisperse Silica Microspheres 1.8g/cc CV<10%. Spherical silica beads.
d50=250nm, 500nm, 750nm, 1um, 2um, 4um or 8um.
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Price: $148.50

Products 1-3 of 3