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Paramagnetic Microspheres

Paramagnetic microspheres have the ability to increase in magnetization with an applied magnetic field and loose their magnetism when the field is removed. No residual magnetization is observed and that provides the end use very practical advantages, including ease of separation and suitability for automation.

Cospheric's highly spherical paramagnetic black polyethylene microspheres offer the flow of standard microspheres, with the ability to be separated from other materials for reuse and cleanup. These highly opaque microspheres are homogeneous polyethylene and are often used in microscopy for high contrast cross sections.

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Paramagnetic Black Half Coated PE Spheres 1mm
Solid Microspheres with Partial Black Paramagnetic Coating (Bipolar and Bichromal Particles)
Particle Size ranges between 45micron and 1400micron (1.4mm)
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Price: $495.00

Fluorescent Green Coating on Paramagnetic Black Core 50um
Solid Black Paramagnetic Polyethylene Microspheres with Partial Fluorescent Green Coating
Particle Size ranges between 45micron and 1.2mm, Specify at time of order
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Price: $495.00

Black Paramagnetic-Coated Glass Microspheres Black Paramagnetic glass, glass spheres, microspheres, particles, microparticles, beads
Product ID: HCMS-BLK
Paramagnetic Black Coated Glass Microspheres, Spheres, Beads, Microparticles
Coating on Borosilicate, Soda Lime or Barium Titanate Solid Glass Spheres
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Price: $495.00

Black Paramagnetic Polyethylene Microspheres 10um to 1mm in Diameter<br>Polymer Spherical MicroBeads can be Manipulated with a Magnet
Product ID: BKPMS
Black Paramagnetic Polyethylene Microspheres, Density of 1.1g/cc and 1.2g/cc 10um to 1.4mm in Diameter
Polymer Spherical MicroBeads can be Manipulated with a Magnet
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Price: $99.00-$248.50

Products 1-4 of 4