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Silver Coated Poly(Methyl Methacrylate) PMMA Microspheres 1.3-1.6g/cc - Classified

Product ID: PMPMS-AG-1.3-1.6
250nm Silver on PMMA Cores
Conductive Silver Coated PMMA

Material Safety Data Sheet - PMPMS-AG

Highly spherical poly(methyl methacrylate) microspheres with conductive silver coating are available in sizes between 38um and 135um in free-flowing dry powder form. PMMA cores with conductive silver coating are ideal where some deflection is required while maintaining conductivity.  These can be used as conductive spacers in bond line applications.

Particles in Size Range: >90%
Sphericity: >90%
Density: 1.3-1.6g/cc
Coating:  ~250nm Ag (Silver)
Conductivity: ~0.5ohm per square at 30% loading.

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     Item # Description/Size Availability Price Quantity
    PMPMS-AG-1.53 45-53um - 5g
    Silver Coated PMMA Microspheres 1.53g/cc 45-53um - 5g
    In Stock $174.50
    PMPMS-AG-1.50 53-63um - 5g
    Silver Coated PMMA Microspheres 1.50g/cc 53-63um - 5g
    In Stock $162.50
    PMPMS-AG-1.44 63-75um - 5g
    Silver Coated PMMA Microspheres 1.44g/cc 63-75um - 5g
    In Stock $162.50
    PMPMS-AG-1.36 90-106um - 5g
    Silver Coated PMMA Microspheres 1.36g/cc 90-106um - 5g
    In Stock $189.50