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Microspheres are high performance engineered spherical particles widely used in research and industrial applications. These precision multi-functional materials are addressing unique needs of a wide range of R&D initiatives, ranging from government-sponsored research projects and high impact academic research to new product development and process innovation in industry, across a wide variety of applications and disciplines.

Cospheric is a global leader in manufacturing and distributing of nanospheres, microspheres, and larger precision spherical particles. We leverage our extensive technical experience and expertise in microspheres and micropowders to help each individual customer find an optimal microparticle solution to meet their needs.

Our broad platform of proprietary technologies enables us to be constantly innovating with a focus on anticipating future needs of emerging specialty microspheres markets. We are constantly expanding the selection of precision spheres, microspheres, microbeads and microparticles in variety of colors, materials, densities, coatings, sizes and properties. Combining these physical and chemical characteristics allows for creating multifunctional modalities of "smart" particles with applications in healthcare, environmental studies, biotechnology and advanced materials, to mention a few. We offer fluorescent, phosphorescent, paramagnetic, and neutrally-buoyant polymer spheres, as well as solid, hollow, coated, monodisperse, and bondline spacer grade glass microspheres in various formulations. We also offer particles specifically designed for use as flow tracer beads and seed particles for Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV) applications and flow visualization studies. We are the sole supplier of density marker beads for creating density gradients. Conductive silver-coated silica and PMMA, retroreflective and gold-coated glass microspheres, photocatalytic hollow glass spheres, yttrium-stabilized zirconia for extreme environments are just some examples of the products we provide.

We practice only lean and sustainable manufacturing processes and rely on reprocessing and recycling technologies to minimize waste of material and environmental risk. Large majority of our products are manufactured in-house at our production facility in California, USA, utilizing our proprietary technology.

How many different "precision spherical particles" products do you carry?

About two thousand unique nanospheres, microspheres, and precision spheres are in stock and ready to ship worldwide the same business day. The list keeps growing as new scientific and industrial needs are identified by our customers. We are always excited to tackle new and challenging projects on a custom basis.

How do I place an order for spherical particles?

The easiest way to place an order is on this website with a credit card. Shipping charges are automatically calculated. We ship worldwide daily. Our website is our most updated catalogue. Quick and efficient on-line check-out with clearly stated prices and stock status enables you to place an on-line order 24/7 anywhere in the world. You are welcome to email us if you need a formal quote, can't find what you are looking for or need a product recommendation. Our customer service professionals and our technical support team are committed to comprehensive and timely communication with our customers.

Do you accept purchase orders?

Yes! Please check out on this website and email us a copy of your purchase order. Purchase orders may take additional 1-2 business days to process.

Can you make custom microspheres for my project?

It depends on the specific requirements of the project. Please contact a microsphere expert for a product recommendation or a custom quote. Please provide as much detail as possible about your application and product requirements.

We specialize in manufacturing custom microspheres with specific gravity between 0.95g/cc and 1.3g/cc, particles with exceptional sphericity and tight size distribution, as well as PIV tracer particles and spheres (seed particles) for flow visualization studies. We have the capability to custom manufacture larger order quantities, specific size ranges, color, density, or specific properties, and coating options which offer endless customization possibilities.

Does Cospheric offer NIST-traceable microspheres?

NIST traceable microscopy measurements of particle size (diameter) and pycnometer measurements of density are available for most microspheres with the purchase of NIST traceable microsphere certificate of analysis.

Does Cospheric offer a catalogue of all the products?

Because of our extensive constantly growing product line, we do not publish a printed catalogue. Our website is our most reliable catalogue and we do our best to keep it as accurate and up to date as possible.

Why buy microspheres from Cospheric?

Our product line is unique because it offers the broadest selection and the highest quality anywhere in the world. Our microspheres are extremely well-characterized with images and detailed technical descriptions, defined size ranges, and specific densities to the second and sometimes third decimal place, listed on each product page.

Large selection of microsphere products allows you to place one order with lots of options for design of experiments, contamination studies, optimizing bond line spacing, and other R&D, engineering, and industrial projects. We offer multiple types of microspheres of the same size, multiple types of microspheres of the same density, multiple colors of microspheres in the same size and/or density.

Do you apply custom coatings on microspherers?

We offer a large selection of coated microspheres, with a wide variety of coating options. There are also possibilities for custom coated products. We own proprietary technology for applying hemispherical half-shell coatings on particles and arranging a monolayer of particles in an array or a specific pattern. We also have extensive experience in electronic paper development. Contact a microparticles expert to discuss your needs.

Do you offer custom particle sizing and classification services?

Yes! We pride ourselves on tight particle size distribution of our products and offer custom particle size classification services to grade your particles, powders or aggregates to size. We are equipped to grade your particles to any size between 15um (0.00059 inches) and 5.6mm (0.220 inches). Spacer grade particles and custom particle sizes are possible and available by request. We utilize a very strict quality control process using Optical Microscopy to guarantee that the product is in spec and can provide a certificate of compliance per request.

Do you offer analytical services?

Yes! Our testing lab provides measurement services for NIST-traceable Particle Size and Shape and Particle Size Distribution utilizing Optical or SEM Microscopy depending on the size of the particles. We can provide a technical report that includes high resolution images of your particles and a detailed analysis of results. Since we specialize in custom density microspheres and density marker beads, we are equipped to perform NIST-traceable Density Measurements of your particles with the most accurate gas pycnometer on the market.

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