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Microspheres are high performance engineered spherical particles widely used in research and industrial applications. These precision multi-functional materials are addressing unique needs of a wide range of R&D initiatives, ranging from government-sponsored research projects and high impact academic research to new product development and process innovation in industry, across a wide variety of applications and disciplines.

Cospheric is a global leader in manufacturing and distribution of precision spherical particles

  • The broadest selection and the highest quality particles anywhere in the world.
  • Product images, detailed descriptions, size ranges, precision densities with NIST-traceable measurements.
  • Fluorescent, phosphorescent, paramagnetic, and neutrally-buoyant polymer spheres.
  • Solid, hollow, coated, monodisperse, and bondline spacer-grade glass microspheres.
  • Flow tracer beads and seed particles for Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV) and flow visualization studies.
  • Conductive silver-coated silica and PMMA, retroreflective and gold-coated glass microspheres, photocatalytic hollow glass spheres.
  • Yttrium-stabilized zirconia microspheres and spheres for extreme environments.
  • Sole global supplier of density marker beads for creating density gradients.
  • Sole global supplier of Janus (birchromal) particles.
  • Capability to custom manufacture sizes, colors, densities, properties, and coatings.
  • One-stop shop for design of experiments, contamination studies, optimizing bond line spacing, other R&D projects.
  • Technical support and product recommendations, efficient customer service.
  • Order online anytime 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Same day shipping out of Santa Barbara, CA.
  • Materials processed in Santa Barbara, CA, utilizing our proprietary technology.
  • Constantly innovating with a focus on anticipating future needs of emerging specialty microspheres markets.
  • Applications in healthcare, environmental studies, biotechnology and advanced materials.

Custom Coatings on Spheres, Particles, Beads, Microstructures