Solid glass microspheres can be custom hemispherically coated with fluorescent coatings. The fluorescent, solvent resistant coating is applied to half of each microsphere, making the glass particles appear colorful, fluorescent, and highly visible in daylight. Coated glass microspheres exhibit bright fluorescent response under ultraviolet (UV) light enabling these particles to function spectacularly as fluorescent tracers or as a high visibility option with a specific spectrum response.

Glass microspheres are offered in seven fluorescent coated colors (Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange-Yellow, Orange, Red, Violet)
and three options for glass formulations (Borosilicate Glass, Soda Lime Glass, Barium Titanate Glass).

For Particle Imaging Velocimetry (PIV) applications that typically use green lasers (530nm) as excitation sources, we recommend utilizing our fluorescent red coating in conjunction with a 570-580nm high pass filter so only the fluorescent particles will be visible during imaging.

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