Precision Microsphere Applications and Benefits:


ApplicationsUnique Benefits
 Testing Particles for Instrument Design and Testing of Diagnostic Devices
Density Marker Beads
PIV - Flow Visualization Seed Media
Filtration Systems
Container Cleaning
Flow Tracing
Pharmaceutical Processes
Contamination Control
Calibration of Microscopes

Clearly Visible
Tightly Defined Particle Size Range
High Sphericity
Custom Color
Custom Density
Fluorescent Response
Specific Index of Refraction

Dual-functionalities has many applications in diagnostic and medical devices, microrheology, and immunoassays. Dual-functional particles can be magnetically or electrically aligned to show a visual response to the stimuli and assist self-assembly of particles in a solution.

 Spacer Particles
Medical Devices

Controlled Gap
Precise Dimensions
Diameter Range < 3micron
Incompressible Particles
 Microspheres for Process Development

Pharmaceutical Technology
Industrial Processes
Process Scale-up
Process Troubleshooting
Process Control
Microspheres are used instead of the expensive drug or process component to develop and troubleshoot the process by replicating size, color and density of the target particles.
Fluorescent particles can be used as a visual marker.

  Medical Spheres
Cosmetic Surgery
Cosmetic Fillers
Reconstructive Surgery
Porous Ceramics
Medical Testing
Medical Research
Drug Delivery

Controlled particle size and spherical shape efficiently fills wrinkles and gaps.

Cospheric microspheres have the tight particle size and sphericity to meet drug delivery requirements. In addition, our spheres can be loaded upto 40% by weight with added ingredients. They can be custom made with magnetic or electric functionality and as many coating layers as necessary to enable external delivery of microspheres to the desired organ.

 Retroreflective Spheres
Decorative and Safety Inks
Road Lining and Rail Paints
Retroreflective Coatings
High Visibility Materials
Bright Color Materials
Create a range of optical effects
Maximize light transmission
Enhance retroreflectivity
Combine with pigments and dyes to enhance the color
Substitute for expensive pigments to maintain the color at a fraction of the cost.

 Fluorescent Spheres
Highly Visible Testing Particles
PIV - Flow Visualization
Flow Process Development
Process Troubleshooting
Pharmaceutical Processes
Contamination Control
Calibration of Microscopes
Testing Medical Devices

Highly visible marker particle
Controlled particle size
Controlled sphericity
Emission wavelength spectra
Color-changing particles
 Metal-Coated Spheres
Additives in paints, adhesives, composites
EMI shielding
Conductive epoxy and bondline
Highly conductive particles
Optimized for EMI shielding

Efficient conductive filler than materials such as nickel and graphite powders and flakes. By incorporating silver coated microspheres into their products, manufacturers can realize significant weight savings over solid silver particles and other conductive fillers.

 Neutrally-Buoyant Spheres
Flow visualization
Medical device validation
Simulation of flow of small particles (fish eggs, algae, small creatures)
Bright fluorescent microspheres are supplied in dry powder form and specifically designed with density ~1g/cc for suspension in fresh water, enabling flow visualization and analysis of fluid flow in a device. Controlled particle size ranges enable investigation of maximum particle size passing through the openings, filters and membranes. Particles exhibit a strong fluorescent response and are color stable in solution.

 Paramagnetic Particles
Biomedical Technology
Analytical Techniques
Solid Phase Immunoassays
Bacteria Detection
High Throughput screening
Rapid Tests
Cell Sorting
Nucleic Acids Technology

Paramagnetic microspheres have the ability to increase in magnetization with an applied magnetic field and loose their magnetism when the field is removed. No residual magnetization is observed and that provides the end use very practical advantages, including ease of separation and suitability for automation.

 Phosphorescent Particles
Process Diagnostics
Blind Tests
Delayed long response particles

Phosphorescent microspheres are used for process study and blind tests especially in medical technology industry, diagnostics, troubleshooting, process flow, medical research and other industries. Particles exhibit a strong long-afterglow phosphorescent response and are stable in solution.

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