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Violet (purple) polyethylene spheres are available in fluorescent or non-fluorescent options. Particles with density of 1.00g/cc offer exceptional performance as flow tracer or seed particles in Particle Image Velocimetry of aqueous solutions and similar applications. These spheres offer high visibility, sphericity, fluorescent response, and density designed for suspension. Custom sizes, colors, volumes and densities are available by request.

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Fluorescent Violet Polyethylene Microspheres<br>Density 1.00g/cc for Flow Visualization and PIV
Item #: UVPMS-BV-1.00 -
Price: $157.00-$372.75
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Fluorescent Violet Polyethylene Microspheres<br>Density 1.06g/cc
Item #: UVPMS-BV-1.06 -
Price: $103.95-$131.25
Item #: UVPMS-BV-1.06 - View
Violet Fluorescent Microspheres 1-5micron (um) - Emission Wavelength 636nm Peak, Excitation 584nm Peak
Item #: FMV -
Price: $103.95
Item #: FMV - View

Product Features and Benefits: Thermoset amino formaldehyde polymer. Inert fluorescent polymer, highly cross-linked for use in applications where the avoidance of swelling, bleeding, migration or... [more info...]