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Nanospheres (1-1000nm)

Nanospheres: are highly spherical nanoparticles (better than 90% round). For your convenience we offer a selection of particles upto 10,000nanometers (10 micron). You can find our full selection at Nanospheres.com

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Monodisperse Silica Microspheres - Spherical Silica Beads
Product ID: SiO2MS-1.8
Monodisperse Silica Microspheres 1.8g/cc CV<10%. Spherical silica beads.
d50=250nm, 500nm, 750nm, 1um, 2um, 4um or 8um.
[more info...]
Price: $148.50

PE Nanospheres
Product ID: PENS
Polyethylene Nanospheres 200nm-9900nm [more info...]
Price: $148.50-$197.50

Products 1-2 of 2