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Fluorescent Tracer Microspheres

These Fluorescent tracers are round spherical particles that emit bright colors which are broad spectrum excitable (300nm thru emission color). The ability to emit intense color under UV (black light) illumination provides contrast and visibility of microspheres relative to background materials.

All of our FM series fluorescent microspheres have the following properties.

  • Dry Powder 1-5 um diameter (~2 micron mean)
  • Proprietary Polymer (1.3g/cc)
  • Hydrophilic - no surfactant required.
  • Solvent Resistant to most solvents
  • High Temperature capable, up to 225ºC
  • Non Toxic
  • Multiple Colors for combined variable testing.

These dry fluorescent microspheres are ideal tracer particles for air, water or solvent dispersal. The small size bright colors, low toxicity, and solvent resistance allows excellent visability. Customer's have used these particles to simulate toxic powder dispersal, toxin ingestion, and as micro-fluidic tracers.

Solvent and Bleed resistance of FM Series:

Water Insoluble Negligible
Mineral Spirits Insoluble Negligible
Toluene Insoluble Negligible
Xylene Insoluble Negligible
Ethanol Insoluble Negligible
Methanol Insoluble Considerable
2-Propanol Insoluble Moderate
Acetone Insoluble Considerable
Methyl Ethyl Ketone (MEK) Insoluble Considerable
Ethyl Acetate Insoluble Slight to Moderate

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Green Luminescent, Ultraviolet Fluorescing Polymer Microspheres 1 - 5micron in diameter.
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Orange-Yellow Fluorescent Microspheres 1-5micron (um) - Emission Wavelength Spectra 594nm Peak, Excitation Wavelength Specta 460nm Peak
Price: $103.95
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Parent Item #: FMOY-1.3 -

Violet Fluorescent Microspheres 1-5micron (um) - Emission Wavelength Spectra 636nm Peak, Excitation Wavelength Specta 584nm Peak
Price: $103.95
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Parent Item #: FMV-1.3 -