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Orientation of Dual-Functionalized Microspheres in Electromagnetic Field

Bichromal Electrophoretic Microspheres Orientation in Electric FieldHigh quality dual-functionalized microspheres recently became available on the market in bulk quantities and reasonable prices from Cospheric LLC. There are numerous applications for this amazing product, with most of them still waiting to be discovered.

One particularly interesting and unique feature of these miracle microspheres is their ability to orient themselves in response to electromagnetic field and show a visual response. This is achieved by making spheres both bipolar and bichromal, with dipole precisely aligned with two differently colored hemispheres. Due to the dipole the sphere will rotate in electromagnetic field to align more positive hemisphere to the negatively charged stimuli and vise versa. As the spheres align themselves, the viewer will observe the color of one hemisphere, while the other hemisphere will be hidden from view, providing an obvious strong visible indication of the presence of the field. In alternating electromagnetic field, these microspheres can spin at hundreds of times per second.

Rotation and Orientation of Black and White Electrophoretic Particles in Electromagnetic FieldThis superior functionality is achieved with proprietary and patented process that allows extremely precise coating on one hemisphere without affecting the other. Each coating is custom formulated for color, charge, magnetic, electric, and surface properties, and solvent resistance per customers’ needs. Hemispherical coatings of less than 1 micron with tolerances as low as 0.25 micron have been routinely demonstrated. Color combinations are truly unlimited. White, black, silver, blue, green, red, yellow, brown, purple as well as transparent microspheres have been made. Sphericity of greater than 90% and custom particle size ranges are offered.

Electrophoretic Particles for Reflective Electronic Paper DisplaysThe spheres were originally developed for very high tolerance electronic digital displays where functionalized microspheres are used to create an image that appears to the viewer. To achieve high resolution in display applications it is critical that every single sphere responds to electromagnetic field in the same way at the same time and aligns precisely with the other spheres. It is also critical that there are no color gradients in the display.

Now dual-functionalized microspheres are available to scientists and engineers to revolutionize products in other industries. Imagine the possibilities.

More details on reflective displays - electronic paper applications of electrophoretic bichromal microspheres, and janus particles - bichromal and bipolar microspheres with dual-functionality.

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