Soda Lime Glass, also known as soda lime silicate glass, is one of several formulations of glass which is manufactured in a shape of a sphere. There is not one standard formula for soda lime glass. In general, soda lime glass spheres contain about 75mol% of silica (SiO2), 14%mol of sodium carbonate (Na2O), 10mol% of calcium carbonate (CaO) and small percentage of other additives. It is the most common type of solid glass microspheres available, offered in a wide selection of sizes and grades (precision, classified, bulk and spacer grades).

Specific physical properties vary by product and lot number. The numbers below are general for soda lime glass and to be used for reference only:

  • True Particle Density: ~2.5g/cc
  • Index of Refraction: ~1.5
  • Annealing Temperature: ~500C
  • Softening Temperature: ~650C
  • Thermal Expansion: ~80x10-7/C
  • Chemical Resistance: may be attacked by acids

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Bondline Spacer Spheres - Monodisperse Solid Soda Lime Microspheres - Calibration Grade Beads
Item #: S-SLGMS -
Price: $201.43-$635.09
Item #: S-SLGMS - View

Bondline spacer grade solid soda lime glass microspheres are available with tight particle size ranges to achieve bondline thickness (gap) from 10micron (0.01mm) to 500micron (0.5mm). Bondline... [more info...]

Bulk Grades of Solid Soda Lime Glass Microspheres 2.5g/cc. Optional Fluorochemical and Silane Coatings.<br>Mean Diameters 3-6um, 8-12um, 35-45um, 65-75um.
Item #: P2000 -
Price: $66.72-$223.24
Item #: P2000 - View

P2011SL: Median diameter (D50) between 3 and 6 micron, with a top size of 20 micron. P2015SL: Median diameter (D50) between 8 and 12 micron, with a top size of 36 micron. P2020SL: Median diameter... [more info...]

Precision Polished Soda Lime Glass Spheres - Calibration Glass Spheres - Reference Polished Glass Particles
Item #: P-SLGS -
Price: $60.62-$635.09
Item #: P-SLGS - View

Diameter Tolerance: ±20um Roundness/Sphericity: ≤20um; >99% (Ratio of Width/Length) Density: 2.5g/cc+/-0.1g/cc Index of Refraction: 1.5284 Softening Temperature: 718°C Melting Point: 1445°C... [more info...]

Conductive Silver-Coated Glass Microspheres, Beads, Particles
Item #: SLGMS-AG -
Price: $133.03-$334.87
Item #: SLGMS-AG - View

Also see: Other Conductive Spheres: Conductive Silver Metal Coated Microspheres Other Soda Lime Spheres: Solid Soda Lime Glass Spheres and Microspheres ... [more info...]