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The proprietary silane coatings on retroreflective microspheres are designed for use in aqueous (water-based) systems. Due to enhanced retroreflectivity effect by forcing the microspheres to float on the surface, the silane coating reduces the quantity of spheres required to achieve a specific visual effect because of the more efficient placement and dispersion of the spheres.

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Bulk Grades of Solid Soda Lime Glass Microspheres 2.5g/cc. Optional Fluorochemical and Silane Coatings.<br>Mean Diameters 3-6um, 8-12um, 35-45um, 65-75um.
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P2011SL: Average diameter between 3 and 6 microns, with a top size of 20 microns. P2015SL: Average diameter between 8 to 12 microns, with a top size of 36 microns. P2050SL: Average diameter between... [more info...]