Barium titanate glass is a unique optical glass formulation based on a large percentage of Barium Oxide (BaO) and Titanium Oxide (TiO2), as opposed to other traditional glass formulas which are mostly Silica (SiO2). Barium titanate glass offers a much higher refractive index compared to other glass formulations. Refractive Index is the ratio of the speed of light in a vacuum to the speed of light in the specified material - a description of how light slows down as it passes through an optical material. High refractive index microspheres are critical when used for optical systems where high refractive power is required such as endoscopy, micro-optics, defense and microscopy. Barium titanate glass microspheres will reflect back more light directly to the viewer. High index of refraction enables retroreflectivity which is often desired in guard rails, traffic signs, reflective paint, tape or clothing. Barium titanate glass hemispherically coated with aluminum ensures that the light bounces off the aluminum-coated half of the sphere and produces the retroreflective effect for high visibility in dark conditions.

Specific physical properties vary by product and lot number. The numbers below are general for barium titanate glass and to be used for reference only:

  • True Particle Density: ~4.2-4.6g/cc
  • Index of Refraction: ~1.9-2.2
  • Softening Temperature: ~600C

Please note that this material is barium titanate glass and does not have the dielectric properties of barium titanate powder.

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Retroreflective Half-Shell Aluminum Coated Solid Glass Microspheres
Item #: P2453BTA -
Price: $133.37-$714.64
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The spheres are offered in dry powder form with the following coating options: Uncoated - no surface treatment Silane Coating (S2) - for improved dispersion in aqueous systems (~76 degree contact... [more info...]

Barium Titanate Solid Glass Microspheres and Spheres
Item #: BTGMS -
Price: $67.36-$1,148.30
Item #: BTGMS - View

Barium Titanate glass spheres offer a higher Refractive Index (n) than most other glass formulations. Depending on the grade of material, reflecting index of Barium Titanate glass is between 1.9 to... [more info...]

Aluminum-Coated Solid Barium Titanate Glass Microspheres 4.2g/cc - 30-100um Diameter
Item #: BTGMS-Al -
Price: $168.40
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Physical Characteristics: Coating: Fully Aluminum Coated (~500nm thickness) Core: Solid Barium Titanate Glass Spheres Density: ~4.2g/cc Appearance: Grey powder [more info...]