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    Material Safety Data Sheet - Gold-Coated Solid Glass Microspheres

    Thin gold coating (about 20nm) is applied to solid barium titanate glass microspheres 30-100um, achieving slightly conductive high density glass particles. Microspheres are supplied as a dry dark brown powder.

    Density: ~4.49g/cc

    In-stock orders ship in 1-2 business days. Please contact us for custom size ranges or larger quantities. Bulk grades of barium titanate solid glass microspheres are also available, as well as barium titanate microspheres with retroreflective aluminum coatings:
    Barium Titanate Glass Microspheres.

    Alternative options for conductive spherical particles:
    Conductive Microspheres and Particles.

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    BTGMS-AU-4.49 30-100um-500mg
    Gold-Coated Solid Barium Titanate Glass Microspheres 4.49g/cc 30-100um - 500mg
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