Clear (translucent) or opaque white polyethylene microspheres for applications that require no color or fluorescent response. Dry powder, spherical, hydrophobic particles.

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Highly Opaque White Polyethylene Microspheres, Polymer Beads, Particles
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Polyethylene microspheres are hydrophobic and suspend easily in oil-based solutions. They can also be suspended in aqueous solution if coated with a surfactant prior to suspending in water. We... [more info...]

PE Nanospheres
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Barium Sulfate White Polyethylene Polymer Microspheres - Particles for MRI or X-Ray Medical Applications - Density of 1.5g/cc
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White barium sulfate polyethylene microspheres are supplied in dry powder form and are stable in solution. Polyethylene microspheres are hydrophobic and suspend easily in oil-based solutions.... [more info...]

Janus Particles - Black Paramagnetic Microsphere Core with Partial White Coating (Bipolar and Bichromal Particles)
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Janus particles are microspheres with dual-functionality. We specialize in creating hemispherical coatings on microspheres of any material with diameters greater than 45micron. Custom colors, cores,... [more info...]