Monodisperse microspheres have high sphericity and a very tight particle size distribution, often with CV<10% and specification of >95% of particles in size range. Monodisperse particles are often used as as calibration standards and tracer particles for qualifying medical devices and in many biotechnology applications. Monodisperse silver-coated silica microspheres offer a high performance conductive spacer for specialized applications.

Monodisperse microspheres with tightly controlled diameter and sphericity can be used to calibrate and validate sizing instruments. They are suitable for use in routine instrument calibration checks and corrections and for the support of practice standards such as those published by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), ASTM International, the European Committee for Standardization (CEN) and other organizations. The use of monosized calibration microspheres permits the standardization of results between runs, instruments and laboratories over time. Microspheres are also used to estimate the size of other particles and the pore size of a filter or membrane.

Spacer grade beads and microspheres are specifically designed with a sharp maximum diameter cut-off to control bond-line thickness (gap thickness) of an adhesive layer. For this application, the customer will mix these microspheres into the desired adhesive. Just a small amount of spacer beads can create a controlled gap as well as precisely define and maintain specified bond-line thickness. Even though most of Cospheric particles would work for this application, spacer grade was specifically developed for those customers seeking extra tight bond line control. Glass and silica spacers offer the extra benefit of high crush strength, resistance to most solvents and high temperature performance.

Bond-line spacers are used in many industries including gas plasma displays, automotive mirrors, electronic displays, flip chip technology, filters, microscopy, and electronic equipment.

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Bondline Spacer Spheres - Monodisperse Solid Soda Lime Microspheres - Calibration Grade Beads
Item #: S-SLGMS -
Price: $168.40-$635.09
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Bondline spacer grade solid soda lime glass microspheres are available with tight particle size ranges to achieve bondline thickness (gap) from 10micron (0.01mm) to 500micron (0.5mm). Bondline... [more info...]

Monodisperse Silica Microspheres - Spherical Silica Beads
Item #: SiO2MS -
Price: $202.07-$331.66
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Silica spheres are manufactured using proprietary technologies which allow the essential properties of amorphous silica to be maintained while simultaneously achieving controlled spherical shape and... [more info...]

Conductive Silica Spacer Beads - Silica Microspheres Monodisperse
Item #: SiO2MS-AG -
Price: $358.60
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SiO2MS-AG-4.1 2.0um - 200mg -- Coated with ~85nm of silver SiO2MS-AG-3.5 4.5um - 500mg -- Coated with ~110nm of silver SiO2MS-AG-2.3 9.0um – 500mg -- Coated with ~75nm silver We also offer... [more info...]

Bondline Spacer Spheres - Monodisperse Solid Borosilicate Glass Microspheres - Calibration Grade Glass Beads
Item #: S-BSGMS -
Price: $403.51
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Bondline spacer grade solid borosilicate glass microspheres are available with tight particle size ranges to achieve bondline thickness (gap) from 87micron to 197micron (0.2mm). Bondline spacers are... [more info...]