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Blue Polyethylene Microspheres Density of 1.00g/cc <br>Spherical Particles for Flow Visualization and PIV
Item #: BLPMS-1.00 -
Price: $133.37-$382.98
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Blue polymer spheres with specific gravity of 1.00g/cc are designed to match the density of water for optimal suspension of particles, enabling visualization and characterization of fluid flow for... [more info...]

Red Polyethylene Microspheres Density 1.065g/cc<br>Bright Red Polymer Spherical Microparticles
Item #: REDPMS-1.055-1.065 -
Price: $133.37
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Red Polyethylene Microspheres Denstiy 1.080g/cc<br>Bright Red Polymer Spherical Microbeads
Item #: REDPMS-1.080 -
Price: $133.37
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Red Polyethylene Microspheres Density 1.09g/cc<br>Bright Red Polymer Spherical Microbeads
Item #: REDPMS-1.09-1.10 -
Price: $133.37
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