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Metal Microspheres

We offer a wide selection of size ranges of corrosion resistant stainless steel microspheres from 1um on up to 1.2mm.

In addition to solid stainless steel spheres we also offer metal coated glass and PMMA spheres.

Highly spherical 304 Stainless Steel microspheres are often used as conductive spacers in bond line applications or as high density test projectiles.
Titanium spherical metal microparticles are extremely useful when you need a specific metal particle with defined shape and controlled particle size (diameter) on a microscopic scale. Titanium is a bio-compatible metal with true particle density of 4.5g/cc (4.5g/ml).

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300 Series Stainless Steel Microspheres
Product ID: SSMMS
Solid 304 Stainless Steel Metal microspheres supplied in dry powder form
>90% in particle size range. Sizes from 1um to 1200um (1.2mm)
[more info...]
Price: $103.95-$261.00

Titanium Metal Microspheres - Titanium Powder - Spherical Microparticles - Biocompatible Metal for Medical Devices - 4.5g/cc (4.5g/ml) true particle density
Product ID: TIMMS-4.5
Titanium micropsheres are made from commercially pure Titanium (99.5+%) metal. Spherical metal microparticles, metal powder. Titanium is a bio-compatible metal commonly used for implants, and medical & dental devices. Titanium also has a unique true particle density of 4.5g/cc (4.5g/ml). [more info...]
Price: $157.00-$297.00

Products 1-2 of 2