Due to the wide range of operating temperatures, borosilicate glass microspheres are highly desirable in chemical, pharmaceutical and research processes, specifically in laboratory environments, where processing at high temperatures takes place. Borosilicate glass particles also display low thermal expansion which ensures structural integrity.

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Borosilicate Solid Glass Microspheres 2.2g/cc<br>Many Sizes 20micron to 6150mm
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Price: $67.36-$402.80
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Solid borosilicate glass microspheres are available in a large variety of particle size ranges from 10um to 6150um. Microspheres are supplied as a dry powder. [more info...]

Bondline Spacer Spheres - Monodisperse Solid Borosilicate Glass Microspheres - Calibration Grade Glass Beads
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Price: $403.51
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Bondline spacer grade solid borosilicate glass microspheres are available with tight particle size ranges to achieve bondline thickness (gap) from 87micron to 197micron (0.2mm). Bondline spacers are... [more info...]