Brightly colored and fluorescent polymer microspheres are specifically designed for use as precision flow tracers and seed particles for water flow visualization and particle image velocimetry (PIV) experiments. Highly spherical microparticles with tight size distribution and density of 1g/cc, matching to properties of fresh water, are used as flow tracers or seeding particles, clearly visible as they follow the flow of the liquid.

Suspension of microspheres in fresh water enables the visualization and characterization of fluid flow and simulating the capability of a device to withstand certain size particles without obstructing. Note: Polyethylene microspheres are hydrophobic and require a surfactant for proper suspension.

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Highly Opaque White Polyethylene Microspheres, Polymer Beads, Particles
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Polyethylene microspheres are hydrophobic and suspend easily in oil-based solutions. They can also be suspended in aqueous solution if coated with a surfactant prior to suspending in water. We... [more info...]

Blue Polyethylene Microspheres Density of 1.00g/cc <br>Spherical Particles for Flow Visualization and PIV
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Blue polymer spheres with specific gravity of 1.00g/cc are designed to match the density of water for optimal suspension of particles, enabling visualization and characterization of fluid flow for... [more info...]

Fluorescent Yellow Microspheres Density 1.00g/cc for Flow Visualization and PIV<br>Bright Fluorescent Yellow-Green Particles with UV and Visible Illumination
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Fluorescent Violet Polyethylene Microspheres<br>Density 1.00g/cc for Flow Visualization and PIV
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Fluorescent Flesh-Tone Polymer Microspheres - Hospital Cleaning and Disinfection Contaminant Studies
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The small size and spherical shape of the particles allow the powder to spread easily on most surfaces, creating a thin layer of powder, invisible to the naked eye under daylight illumination. W... [more info...]