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Microspheres, Spheres, Micro beads - PMMA - Poly(methyl Methacrylate) - Acrylic Spherical Particles
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Price: $144.34-$481.13
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PMMA polymer is an amorphous, transparent and colorless thermoplastic that is hard and stiff. It has good abrasion and UV resistance and excellent optical clarity. PMMA spheres are soluble in... [more info...]

Highly Opaque White Polyethylene Microspheres, Polymer Beads, Particles
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Price: $133.37-$478.24
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Polyethylene microspheres are hydrophobic and suspend easily in oil-based solutions. They can also be suspended in aqueous solution if coated with a surfactant prior to suspending in water. We... [more info...]

Fluorescent Red Polyethylene Microspheres Density 1.20g/cc Bright Fluorescent Red Particles 605nm Peak
Item #: UVPMS-BR-1.20 -
Price: $133.37-$478.24
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Conductive Silver Coated Poly(Methyl Methacrylate) Acrylic Microspheres
Item #: PMMA-AG -
Price: $127.02-$468.30
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Sphericity varies by Product Code: PMMAMS-AG: These are highly spherical particles. Greater than 95% of particles are spherical. PMPMS-AG: Also highly spherical grade, with occasional minor... [more info...]

Fluorescent Polymer Spheres (Green) 1.100g/cc density
Item #: UVPMS-BG-1.10 -
Price: $133.37-$334.87
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