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    Material Safety Data Sheet - Density Marker Beads

    Density marker beads are small colored microspheres of known mass density that are used for calibrating density gradients and determining density in gradient columns. Density gradients are often used for separations and purification of cells, viruses and sub-cellular particles. Generally a set of several density marker beads covering a range of densities is used.

    The gradient is calibrated with beads that float at different heights within the column. When a test sample is added to the column it drops until the point of neutral buoyancy and the density is determined from the calibration chart. Density gradient columns can be used to measure the density of any sample.

    Cospheric Density Marker Beads are provided at a 20% concentration in an aqueous solution in 2.5ml vials. Our Density Beads are in the 200-300um size range. Unlike GE Healthcare kits that have been discontinued, the Cospheric's colored microspheres are ready for use right out of the vial.

    Shipping: DMB product does not require special shipping.

    Storage: As no preservatives are added, we recommend unrefrigerated product to be used within 18 months of date of manufacture. The manufactured date, formatted as DDMMYYY, can be located on the purchased materials' label below the lot number. The product can be refrigerated or frozen to extend the solutions shelf life. The density beads are inert, and do not degrade. However, the solution can degrade causing agglomeration and poor suspension, leading to wider bands. If the solution degrades, the beads can be flushed clean, and then re-suspended using our Tween Suspension Protocol.

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    Density Marker Beads Kit of 6 Vials (1.02, 1.04, 1.06, 1.08, 1.09, 1.13g/cc)
    In Stock $395.00
    Density Marker Beads Kit of 7 Vials (1.02, 1.04, 1.06, 1.08, 1.09, 1.13, 1.38g/cc)
    In Stock $450.00
    DMB-FGRN-1.02 2.5ml
    Density Marker Beads, Fluorescent Green, 1.02g/cc, 20% Concentration
    In Stock $67.00
    DMB-FORG-1.04 2.5ml
    Density Marker Beads, Fluorescent Orange, 1.04g/cc, 20% concentration
    In Stock $67.00
    DMB-FVIO-1.06 2.5ml
    Density Marker Beads, Fluorescent Violet, 1.06g/cc, 20% concentration
    In Stock $67.00
    DMB-RBLU-1.08 2.5ml
    Density Marker Beads, Blue, 1.08g/cc, 20% concentration
    In Stock $67.00
    DMB-FRED-1.09 2.5ml
    Density Marker Beads, Fluorescent Red, 1.09g/cc, 20% concentration
    In Stock $67.00
    DMB-FBLU-1.13 2.5ml
    Density Marker Beads, Fluorescent Blue, 1.13g/cc, 20% concentration
    In Stock $67.00
    DMB-RWHT-1.38 2.5ml
    Density Marker Beads, White, 1.38g/cc, 20% concentration
    In Stock $67.00