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R&D and Industrial Applications of Microspheres

At Cospheric we are constantly discovering new exciting applications for our technologies. They have truly unlimited potential.

Our custom microspheres can be used as fillers, carriers, or active ingredients in paints, coatings, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and drug delivery. Our microcoatings enable us to create particles with dual-functionalities that can be manipulated externally by chemical reactions and electromagnetic forces, with many applications in diagnostic and medical devices. Our proprietary microstructures control fluid flow and position microparticles for proper operation in a device. Our unique encapsulation techniques and materials seal devices while maintaining the flexibility and optical clarity. Currently we are working on integrating our microtechnology solutions into electronic paper displays, solar cells, and diagnostic devices.

Electrophoretic janus particles for electronic paper reflective displays with best in class whiteness, contrast ratio and reliability. Bichromal and bipolar Janus rotating spherical particles.
Cospheric's polyethylene microspheres are used in cosmetics, personal care and skin care. Perfectly spherical, solid, between 10 and 1000microns in diameter, and can be loaded with up to 40% by weight of pigments and additives.
Precision microspheres and spherical powdes offer benefits in a wide variety of applications - spacers and tracer particles, fillers, medical spheres, fluorescent markers, density marker beads, flow visualization and more.
Glass microspheres offer a uniquely efficient combination of specular and diffuse reflections that provides new approaches to disguising skin imperfections. Some of the light hitting a glass microsphere bounces back directly off the smooth glass surface.