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Highly Opaque White Polyethylene Microspheres, Polymer Beads, Particles
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Price: $133.37-$478.24
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Polyethylene microspheres are hydrophobic and suspend easily in oil-based solutions. They can also be suspended in aqueous solution if coated with a surfactant prior to suspending in water. We... [more info...]

Fluorescent Red Polyethylene Microspheres Density 0.99g/cc Bright Fluorescent Red Particles 605nm Peak
Item #: UVPMS-BR-0.995 -
Price: $133.37-$478.24
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Density: 0.985g/cc - 1.005g/cc (Designed for Water Suspension)Daylight Color: Fluorescent Red (607nm Peak) Fluorescent Response: Fluorescent Red under 300-550nm wavelengths. Works well with Green... [more info...]

Fluorescent Yellow Microspheres Density 1.00g/cc for Flow Visualization and PIV<br>Bright Fluorescent Yellow-Green Particles with UV and Visible Illumination
Item #: UVPMS-BY2-1.00 -
Price: $133.37-$478.24
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Blue Polyethylene Microspheres Density of 1.00g/cc <br>Spherical Particles for Flow Visualization and PIV
Item #: BLPMS-1.00 -
Price: $133.37-$382.98
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Blue polymer spheres with specific gravity of 1.00g/cc are designed to match the density of water for optimal suspension of particles, enabling visualization and characterization of fluid flow for... [more info...]

Fluorescent Orange Polyethylene Microspheres Density 1.00g/cc<br>Spherical Bright Orange MicroBead Polymer Particles for Flow Visualization and PIV
Item #: UVPMS-BO-1.00 -
Price: $168.40-$478.24
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Conductive Silver Metal Coated Hollow Glass Microspheres
Item #: HGMS-AG -
Price: $133.37-$1,995.15
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Conductive hollow glass microspheres have low particle densities and so provide a significant weight reduction when used in place of conventional conductive fillers such as solid silver particles. A... [more info...]

Fluorescent Flesh-Tone Polymer Microspheres - Hospital Cleaning and Disinfection Contaminant Studies
Item #: UVSKPMS -
Price: $235.43-$382.98
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The small size and spherical shape of the particles allow the powder to spread easily on most surfaces, creating a thin layer of powder, invisible to the naked eye under daylight illumination. W... [more info...]