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Poly(Methyl Methacrylate) PMMA Acrylic Microspheres and Spheres 1.2g/cc - Classified Grades - Particle Diameters 1um to 3.5mm

Large PMMA Spheres and Microspheres - Poly(methyl Methacrylate) Acrylic Spheres
Large PMMA Spheres and Microspheres - Poly(methyl Methacrylate) Acrylic Spheres

Material Safety Data Sheet - Poly(Methyl Methacrylate) Spheres, Microspheres And Nanospheres

Highly spherical uncrosslinked clear pure poly(methyl methacrylate) acrylic microspheres and spheres are available in sizes between 1um and 3500um (3.5mm) in free-flowing dry powder form. PMMA spheres are optically clear and can be dissolved with solvents, which makes them suitable for applications in life sciences, medical technology, MEMS and fillers. PMMA microspheres are used in such a wide variety of industries as investigations in the colloidal crystal field, toners for copying machines, biomedical devices and injectable dermal fillers.

PMMA polymer is an amorphous, transparent and colorless thermoplastic that is hard and stiff. It has good abrasion and UV resistance and excellent optical clarity. PMMA spheres are soluble in organic solvents such as acetone, benzene, or halogenated hydrocarbons. Though flammable, PMMA material has low smoke emission.PMMA microspheres have good biocompatibility which allows the particles to be used in many medical and biochemical applications. PMMA spheres also make an effective bondline spacer for applications where slight deformation of the spacer particle under pressure is desired.

Poly(methyl methacrylate) or PMMA is less hydrophobic than polystyrene and reported to show reduced nonspecific protein and peptide binding. The density of these beads, 1.19 g/cc, is considerably heavier than polystyrene particles, allowing more rapid separation and making them easier to concentrate by centrifugation. The particles typically have a hydrophilic anionic surface with refractive index of 1.48.

PMMA microspheres have good bio-compatibility which allows the particles to be used in many medical and biochemical applications.

Particles in Size Range: >90%
Sphericity: >90%
Density: 1.1-1.3g/cc

* Please note that due to the nature of the manufacturing process, some lots of this material may have a small amount of fines (sub 5 micron particles) that attach to the spheres and give an appearance of non-smooth surface.

Research using PMMA spheres:
Self-cleaning of superhydrophobic surfaces by self-propelled jumping condensate
The Use of Index-Matched Beads in Optical Particle Counters
Biophysical and Biochemical Markers of Red Blood Cell Fragility

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 Item # Description/Size Availability Price Qty
PMPNS-1.4 1500-11500nm - 5g
PMMA Nanospheres 1.40g/cc 1500-11500nm - 5g
In Stock $248.50
PMPMS-1.2 1-40um – 25g
PMMA Microspheres 1.2g/cc 1-40um - 25g
In Stock $163.00
PMPMS-1.2 1-45um – 25g
PMMA Microspheres 1.2g/cc 1-45um - 25g
In Stock $150.00
PMPMS-1.2 1-53um – 25g
PMMA Microspheres 1.2g/cc 1-53um - 25g
In Stock $137.50
PMPMS-1.2 1-63um – 25g
PMMA Microspheres 1.2g/cc 1-63um - 25g
In Stock $125.00
PMPMS-1.2 1-75um – 25g
PMMA Microspheres 1.2g/cc 1-75um - 25g
In Stock $112.50
PMPMS-1.4 3-10um - 5g
PMMA Microspheres 1.4g/cc 3-10um - 5g
In Stock $248.50
PMPMS-1.2 5-20um - 5g
PMMA Microspheres 1.2g/cc 5-20um - 5g
In Stock $163.50
PMPMS-1.2 20-27um - 5g
PMMA Microspheres 1.2g/cc 20-27um - 5g
In Stock $163.50
PMPMS-1.2 27-32um - 10g
PMMA Microspheres 1.2g/cc 27-32um - 10g
In Stock $150.00
PMPMS-1.2 27-45um - 10g
PMMA Microspheres 1.2g/cc 27-45um - 10g
In Stock $150.00
PMPMS-1.2 32-38um - 10g
PMMA Microspheres 1.2g/cc 32-38um - 10g
In Stock $150.00
PMPMS-1.2 38-45um - 10g
PMMA Microspheres 1.2g/cc 38-45um - 10g
In Stock $150.00
PMPMS-1.2 45-53um - 10g
PMMA Microspheres 1.2g/cc 45-53um - 10g
In Stock $150.00
PMPMS-1.2 45-53um >95% - 5g
PMMA Microspheres 1.2g/cc 45-53um >95% in range - 5g
In Stock $150.00
PMPMS-1.2 53-63um - 10g
PMMA Microspheres 1.2g/cc 53-63um - 10g
In Stock $112.50
PMPMS-1.2 63-75um - 10g
PMMA Microspheres 1.2g/cc 63-75um - 10g
In Stock $112.50
PMPMS-1.2 75-90um - 10g
PMMA Microspheres 1.2g/cc 75-90um - 10g
In Stock $112.50
PMPMS-1.2 90-106um - 10g
PMMA Microspheres 1.2g/cc 90-106um - 10g
In Stock $112.50
PMPMS-1.2 90-106um >95% - 5g
PMMA Microspheres 1.2g/cc 90-106um >95% in range - 5g
In Stock $112.50
PMPMS-1.2 106-125um >95% - 5g
PMMA Microspheres 1.2g/cc 106-125um >95% in range- 5g
In Stock $131.25
PMPMS-1.2 125-135um - 1g
PMMA Microspheres 1.2g/cc 125-135um - 1g
In Stock $245.00
PMMAMS-1.2 125-150um - 5g
PMMA Microspheres 1.2g/cc 125-150um - 5g
In Stock $289.00
PMMAMS-1.2 150-180um - 5g
PMMA Microspheres 1.2g/cc 150-180um - 5g
In Stock $279.00
PMMAMS-1.2 180-212um - 5g
PMMA Microspheres 1.2g/cc 180-212um - 5g
In Stock $269.00
PMMAMS-1.2 212-250um - 5g
PMMA Microspheres 1.2g/cc 212-250um - 5g
In Stock $259.00
PMMAMS-1.2 250-300um - 5g
PMMA Microspheres 1.2g/cc 250-300um - 5g
In Stock $249.00
PMMAMS-1.2 300-355um - 5g
PMMA Microspheres 1.2g/cc 300-355um - 5g
In Stock $239.00
PMMAMS-1.2 355-425um - 5g
PMMA Microspheres 1.2g/cc 355-425um - 5g
In Stock $229.00
PMMAMS-1.2 425-500um - 5g
PMMA Microspheres 1.2g/cc 425-500um - 5g
In Stock $219.00
PMMAMS-1.2 500-600um - 5g
PMMA Microspheres 1.2g/cc 500-600um - 5g
In Stock $219.00
PMMAMS-1.2 600-710um - 5g
PMMA Microspheres 1.2g/cc 600-710um - 5g
In Stock $259.00
PMMAMS-1.2 710-750um - 1g
PMMA Microspheres 1.2g/cc 710-750um - 1g
In Stock $289.00
PMMAMS-1.2 710-850um - 5g
PMMA Microspheres 1.2g/cc 710-850um - 5g
In Stock $197.50
PMMAMS-1.2 850-1000um - 5g
PMMA Microspheres 1.2g/cc 850-1000um - 5g
In Stock $197.50
PMMAMS-1.2 1.0-1.2mm - 5g
PMMA Spheres 1.2g/cc 1.0-1.2mm - 5g
In Stock $197.50
PMMAMS-1.2 1.2-1.4mm - 5g
PMMA Spheres 1.2g/cc 1.2-1.4mm - 5g
In Stock $197.50
PMMAMS-1.2 1.4-1.7mm - 5g
PMMA Spheres 1.2g/cc 1.4-1.7mm - 5g
In Stock $197.50
PMMAMS-1.2 1.7-2.0mm - 5g
PMMA Spheres 1.2g/cc 1.7-2.0mm - 5g
In Stock $197.50
PMMAMS-1.2 2.0-3.5mm - 5g
PMMA Spheres 1.2g/cc 2.0-3.5mm - 5g
In Stock $197.50
PMMAS-1.2 1.43+/-0.05mm - 1g
PMMA Precision Spheres 1.2g/cc - 1.43mm +/-0.05mm - 1g (~500 spheres)
In Stock $249.50

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