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Red Polyethylene Microspheres Denstiy 1.080g/cc<br>Bright Red Polymer Spherical Microbeads
Red Polyethylene Microspheres Denstiy 1.080g/cc
Bright Red Polymer Spherical Microbeads

Density: 1.075-1.085g/cc
Particles in Size Range: >90%
Spherical Particles: >90%

Polyethylene microspheres are hydrophobic and suspend easily in oil-based solutions. They can also be suspended in aqueous solution if coated with a surfactant prior to suspending in water. We recommend using Tween 80 or Tween 20 Surfactants.

Select Particle Size and Density:
Item # Description/Size Status Price Qty
REDPMS-1.080 250-300um - 10g
Red Polyethylene Microspheres 1.080g/cc 250-300um - 10g
In Stock $103.95
REDPMS-1.080 300-355um - 10g
Red Polyethylene Microspheres 1.080g/cc 300-355um - 10g
In Stock $103.95
REDPMS-1.080 425-500um - 10g
Red Polyethylene Microspheres 1.080g/cc 425-500um - 10g
In Stock $103.95
REDPMS-1.080 500-600um - 10g
Red Polyethylene Microspheres 1.080g/cc 500-600um - 10g
In Stock $103.95
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