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    Material Safety Data Sheet - Silver Coated Silica Microspheres

    Silver-coated silica microspheres are formed of a silica microsphere interior coated in a thin layer of silver metal, providing silica microspheres with the unique electrical conductivity and reflectivity of silver while holding to a tight particles distribution of a CV less than 10%. This high precision silica material offers a conductive spacer option for LCD displays and other electrical components.

    Appearance: Free flowing powder
    Particles in size range: <10 CV
    Spherical Particles: >99%
    Density: 2.3g/cc to 4.1g/cc

    We also offer uncoated option of Monodisperse Silica Microspheres and Polydisperse Silica Microspheres.

    Product Selection:
    Item # Description/Size Status Price Qty
    SiO2MS-AG-4.1 2.0um - 200mg
    Conductive Silver-Coated Silica Microspheres 4.1 g/cc 2.0um CV=3.3% - 200mg
    In Stock $279.50
    SiO2MS-AG-3.5 4.5um - 500mg
    Conductive Silver-Coated Silica Microspheres 3.5 g/cc 4.5um CV=5.1% - 500mg
    In Stock $279.50
    SiO2MS-AG-2.3 9.0um - 500mg
    Conductive Silver-Coated Silica Microspheres 2.3 g/cc 9.0um CV=4.8% - 500mg
    In Stock $279.50