Conductive Silica Spacer Beads - Silica Microspheres Monodisperse
Conductive Silica Spacer Beads - Silica Microspheres Monodisperse
  • Conductive Silica Spacer Beads - Silica Microspheres Monodisperse
  • Conductive Silver Coated Silica Microspheres
  • Silver-Coated Silica Microspheres, Beads, Particles - SEM Images

SiO2MS-AG-4.1 2.0um - 200mg -- Coated with ~85nm of silver
SiO2MS-AG-3.5 4.5um - 500mg -- Coated with ~110nm of silver
SiO2MS-AG-2.3 9.0um – 500mg -- Coated with ~75nm silver

We also offer uncoated option of Monodisperse Silica Microspheres and Polydisperse Silica Microspheres as well as Conductive Silver Coated Polymer Spheres and Conductive Silver Coated Glass Spheres.

Appearance: Free flowing powder
Particles in size range: <10% CV
Spherical Particles: >99%
Density: 2.3g/cc to 4.1g/cc

Conductive silica microspheres, which are typically silica particles coated with a conductive material such as metal, find applications in a range of fields where their electrical conductivity is advantageous. Here are some notable applications:

  1. Electronic Packaging: Conductive silica microspheres can be incorporated into adhesives, encapsulants, and underfill materials used in electronic packaging. They help improve thermal conductivity and electrical grounding, which is crucial for dissipating heat and preventing electromagnetic interference (EMI).
  2. EMI Shielding: In electronic and telecommunications devices, conductive silica microspheres can be used in coatings and films to provide EMI shielding. They act as a barrier to electromagnetic radiation, preventing interference with sensitive electronic components.
  3. Electrostatic Dissipation (ESD): Conductive silica microspheres are used in materials designed to dissipate static electricity. They can be incorporated into plastics, paints, and coatings to prevent static buildup and protect electronic components from electrostatic discharge.
  4. Printed Electronics: In the emerging field of printed electronics, conductive silica microspheres can be used as ink additives. They improve the printability and conductivity of conductive ink formulations used in flexible and wearable electronics, RFID tags, and more.
  5. Conductive Adhesives: Conductive silica microspheres can enhance the electrical conductivity of adhesives. They are used in applications where strong and electrically conductive bonds are needed, such as attaching electrical components to substrates.
  6. Sensors: These microspheres can be employed in sensor technologies, including strain sensors and touch sensors. They help improve sensitivity and the overall performance of the sensors.
  7. Antistatic Films and Packaging: Conductive silica microspheres can be added to films, bags, and packaging materials to create antistatic properties, which are essential for protecting sensitive electronic devices during transportation and storage.
  8. Conductive Coatings: They are used in conductive coatings for applications such as electromagnetic shielding, corrosion protection, and static dissipation in industrial equipment and infrastructure.
  9. Energy Storage: In the field of energy storage, conductive silica microspheres can be used in the electrodes of lithium-ion batteries and supercapacitors to enhance electrical conductivity and improve the overall performance of these energy storage devices.
  10. Biomedical Devices: In biomedical applications, conductive silica microspheres can be used in the development of electrodes for biosensors, neural interfaces, and medical diagnostic devices.
  11. Smart Textiles: They are used in smart textiles and wearable electronics to add conductivity to fabrics, enabling features like embedded sensors, heating elements, and connectivity.

Conductive silica microspheres are valued for their ability to combine the desirable properties of silica particles (sphericity, intertness, durability, high temperature tolerance) with the electrical conductivity of the coating material. These properties make conductive silica microspheres versatile materials for a wide range of applications in electronics, materials science, and beyond.

Select Particle Size and Density:
Item # Description/Size Status Price Qty
SiO2MS-AG-4.1 2.0um - 200mg
Conductive Silver-Coated Silica Microspheres 4.1 g/cc 2.0um CV=3.3% - 200mg
In Stock $358.60
SiO2MS-AG-3.5 4.5um - 500mg
Conductive Silver-Coated Silica Microspheres 3.5 g/cc 4.5um CV=5.1% - 500mg
In Stock $358.60
SiO2MS-AG-2.3 9.0um - 500mg
Conductive Silver-Coated Silica Microspheres 2.3 g/cc 9.0um CV=4.8% - 500mg
In Stock $358.60
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Ask a Question about this Product:
Hi! I had a couple questions about these microspheres. Is it possible to make a custom coating such that the final particles are still optically transparent at 1064nm? We use non-coated silica spheres in an optical trap for physics experiments, and we may benefit greatly from a thin metallic coating. Also, how are the microspheres delivered? Are they in suspension or as a dried powder? Thanks!
Our silver-coated microspheres are delivered as dry powder. In regards to a custom transparent conductive coating, this may be possible, however, it would require a custom order with a minimum order quantity and associated leadtime.
Cospheric Team July 15, 2020 3:59 PM