Cerium-stabilized zirconia microspheres and spheres (CeO4Zr) are supplied in dry form. With operating temperatures up to 1000°C, a melting point of ~2700°C, and density of ~6g/cc, these solid ceramic spheres and microspheres demonstrate high impact resistance and very high strength and toughness, giving these ceramic beads superior wear tolerance. In addition, the material is chemically stable resulting in excellent corrosion resistance and unmatched durability at high temperatures and in extreme environments. Solid ceramic spheres offer excellent insulation properties.

Cerium Stabilization specifically provides Zirconia with additional ability to withstand steam, humidity, wet and moist environments, which allows this material to be used in dentistry and medical applications.

CSZMS and CSZS products:
Particles in Size Range: >90%
Spherical Particles: >90%
Density: 6.2g/cc

Select Particle Size and Density:
Item # Description/Size Status Price Qty
CSZMS-6.2 710-850um - 10g
Cerium Stabilized Zirconia Microspheres 6.2g/cc 710-850um - 10g
In Stock $132.79
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