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NIST-Traceable Microsphere Certificate of Analysis / Product ID

Product ID: COA-NIST

Price: $250.00

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    NIST-traceable certificates of analysis are available for most spheres and microspheres larger than 5 micron in diameter, including calibration grade glass microspheres (monodisperse/spacer grade), precision grade solid glass polished spheres, and cellulose acetate colored beads, which are often used as reference spheres, bondline spacers, and particle size standards due to their exceptionally narrow diameter tolerances.

    All Cospheric particles go through intensive quality control process and meet all product specifications and release criteria before being offered for sale and listed on the website, regardless of whether the product is purchased with a Certificate of Analysis.

    NIST-traceable Certificates of Analysis are recommended for customers who require information on exact particle size distribution (histogram) for the specific lot of material they are purchasing.

    Each Certificate of Analysis includes the following information for a single product ID:

    • Product ID
    • Description
    • Lot #
    • % Spherical Particles
    • % Spheres in Size Range
    • NIST-traceable particle size distribution (histogram) of a statistically significant number of particles
    • NIST-traceable specific gravity (density) measurement with accuracy of +/-0.002g/cc
    • Certification statement that the above lot of the product conforms to all quality requirements and product release criteria.

    Please note, NIST-traceable Certificates of Analysis must be purchased in the same order that contains the respective product that is being requested to be analyzed. We cannot provide NIST-traceable Certificates of Analysis after the corresponding product has been ordered and shipped. We enforce this policy for quality assurance, and guaranteeing the most accurate, lot specific data for our customers.

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