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Utilizing Fluorescent Skin Tone Microspheres for Experiential Teaching of Infection Control to Nursing Students

Source: Nursing Education Perspectives (National League for Nursing) . May/Jun2015, Vol. 36 Issue 3, p190-191. 2p.

Author(s): Wiles, Lynn L.; Rose, Donna; Curry-Lourenco, Kimberly; Swift, Dave

Products Used: Skin Tone Microspheres - ODUDO1189767

Abstract: Infection control practices are at the forefront of education and compliance monitoring. A university-funded grant allowed faculty and instructional designers to create an experience that increased student awareness, application, and appreciation of infection-control concepts. Computer-based instruction modules are used to provide content, and students participate in a simulation that allows them to apply their newly learned skills in a realistic, immersive environment with a biosphere used to visually depict infectious spread. Student feedback suggests the usefulness of this methodology as a teaching strategy that reinforces evidence-based practice, critical thinking, and clinical judgments.

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