Opaque Polyethylene Microspheres: Applications in Cosmetics and Skin Care

Opaque White Spherical Powder for Applications in Cosmetics, Skin Care and Personal Care
WPMS Opaque White Polymer Spheres

Opaque microspheresare a superior opacifying agent and provide maximum hiding power with just a monolayer of microspheres as small as 40 micron in diameter. They can be manufactured in any color imaginable and even combinations of two differently colored hemispheres. Opaque microspheres provide an attractive and functional solution to cosmetics, personal care, and skin care industries.

Unique advantage of opaque microspheres in cosmetics is that maximum hiding power is achieved with one invisible and feather-light layer - revolutionizing make-up products. Sphericity and particle size uniformity are responsible for the ball-bearing effect in creams and lotions resulting in luxury feel and silky texture. Exceptional smoothness of spherical microparticles dramatically enhances the tactile experience of a cosmetic product. Opaque microparticles can be used to minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by both filling them and scattering light.

They can be also used as gentle exfoliating agents. Red, green, blue, yellow or even multi-color microspheres make a product that is not only functional but fun and exciting by adding a hint of color, sparkle, or even a changing color effect.

Opaque microspheres are made from low molecular weight polyethylene. The polymer is pigmented to achieve the exact color and opacity level desired by the customer. The spheres are available in particle sizes from 10-1200 micron and are supplied as a dry powder that can be easily mixed into paints, adhesives, creams, lotions, and oils. Just like clear polyethylene microspheres, opaque grades are inert in most solvents and have a sharp melting point at 114C -120C depending on the molecular weight of the material used.

"While sourcing materials for one of our projects, we searched the globe for microspheres that were truly opaque in a monolayer arrangement. We found a handful of companies that sent us samples, but under the microscope we saw poor opacity, dust, debris, and non-spherical particles. Frustrated with the lack of opaque microspheres on the market, we developed our own proprietary process to produce polymer microspheres with tightly controlled particle size, opacity, color, sphericity, as well as internal and surface charge and magnetic properties," says Brian Gobrogge, CEO and co-founder of Cospheric, a microtechnology company in Santa Barbara, CA.

High quality opaque polyethylene microspheres are now available in bulk quantities and reasonable prices to scientists and engineers who would like to add color and functionality to new generations of their products.