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Polystyrene Microspheres, Crosslinked, 1.07g/cc - Diameters between 9.5um and 105um

Product ID: PSMS-1.07
Polystyrene Microspheres 1.07g/cc - highly spherical thermoplastic biocompatible microparticles.
Polystyrene Microspheres 1.07g/cc - highly spherical thermoplastic biocompatible microparticles.

Material Safety Data Sheet - Polystyrene Polymer Microspheres

Polystyrene microspheres are fully crosslinked with divinylbenzene (DVB) crosslinking agent. Colorless spheres appear white in bulk form and translucent under magnification. High sphericity, uniformity, and crush strength make these spheres excellent precision fillers and template of choice for biological applications. Due to crosslinked nature of these spheres they are highly resistant to organic solvents and can withstand higher temperatures.

The spheres are in their most pure form, with no surface functionalization, coatings or colorants added. Crosslinked polystyrene is inert, chemically stable, and safe for handling. The primary safety precaution is minimizing inhalation of dust for particles less than 10 micron in diameter.

  • Glass Transition Temperature: Tg ~ 160°C
  • Density: ~1.07g/cc
  • Refractive index: ~1.6
  • Compression strength: ~ 1.5mN
  • Solvent resistance: Particles will swell to some degree in many organic solvents, like benzene, toluene, some esters, higher ketones, methylene chloride and other chlorinated solvents. Stable in aqueous solvents and alcohols such as methanol, ethanol, or iso-propanol.
  • Surface properties: Surface appears smooth under high magnification Scanning Electron Microscopy.
  • Shelf life is 3 years for unopened products and 1 year after the product has been opened.
  • Particle Size: >90% particles in specified size range
  • Sphericity: >95% particles are spherical

These particles are offered as a dry powder, making them suitable for easy use in a wide variety of applications.

     Item # Description/Size Availability Price Quantity
    PSMS-1.07 9.5-11.5um - 500mg
    Polystyrene Microspheres 1.07g/cc 9.5-11.5um - 500mg (~800M spheres)
    In Stock $261.00
    PSMS-1.07 14-20um - 500mg
    Polystyrene Microspheres 1.07g/cc 14-20um - 500mg (~180M spheres)
    In Stock $261.00
    PSMS-1.07 38-48um - 500mg
    Polystyrene Microspheres 1.07g/cc 38-48um - 500mg (~11M spheres)
    In Stock $261.00
    PSMS-1.07 85-105um - 500mg
    Polystyrene Microspheres 1.07g/cc 85-105um - 500mg (~1M spheres)
    In Stock $261.00
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