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Poly(Methyl Methacrylate) PMMA Microspheres 1.2g/cc-1.4g/cc - Classified Grades - Various sizes 3um to 125um

Product ID: PMPMS-1.2
Clear Poly(Methyl Methacrylate) PMMA Microspheres
Clear Poly(Methyl Methacrylate) PMMA Microspheres

Material Safety Data Sheet - Poly(Methyl Methacrylate) Microspheres And Nanospheres

Highly spherical uncrosslinked clear poly(methyl methacrylate) microspheres are available in sizes between 3um and 150um in free-flowing dry powder form. Larger sizes of PMMA Spheres are available through our PMMAMS product. PMMA spheres are optically clear and can be dissolved with solvents, which makes them suitable for applications in life sciences, medical technology, MEMS and fillers.

Particles in Size Range: > 90%
Sphericity: >99%
Density: ~1.2-1.4g/cc

Research using these spheres:
Self-cleaning of superhydrophobic surfaces by self-propelled jumping condensate
The Use of Index-Matched Beads in Optical Particle Counters

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     Item # Description/Size Availability Price Quantity
    PMPMS-1.4 3-10um - 5g
    PMMA Microspheres 1.4g/cc 3-10um - 5g
    In Stock $248.50
    PMPMS-1.2 5-20um - 5g
    PMMA Microspheres 1.2g/cc 5-20um - 5g
    In Stock $148.50
    PMPMS-1.2 20-27um - 5g
    PMMA Microspheres 1.2g/cc 20-27um - 5g
    In Stock $148.50
    PMPMS-1.2 27-32um - 10g
    PMMA Microspheres 1.2g/cc 27-32um - 10g
    In Stock $130.50
    PMPMS-1.2 32-38um - 10g
    PMMA Microspheres 1.2g/cc 32-38um - 10g
    In Stock $130.50
    PMPMS-1.2 27-45um - 10g
    PMMA Microspheres 1.2g/cc 27-45um - 10g
    In Stock $130.50
    PMPMS-1.2 38-45um - 10g
    PMMA Microspheres 1.2g/cc 38-45um - 10g
    In Stock $130.50
    PMPMS-1.2 45-47um - 1g
    PMMA Microspheres 1.2g/cc 45-47um - 1g
    Email Us $148.50
    PMPMS-1.2 45-53um >95% - 5g
    PMMA Microspheres 1.2g/cc 45-53um >95% in range - 5g
    In Stock $130.50
    PMPMS-1.2 45-53um - 10g
    PMMA Microspheres 1.2g/cc 45-53um - 10g
    In Stock $130.50
    PMPMS-1.2 53-63um - 10g
    PMMA Microspheres 1.2g/cc 53-63um - 10g
    In Stock $112.50
    PMPMS-1.2 63-75um - 10g
    PMMA Microspheres 1.2g/cc 63-75um - 10g
    In Stock $112.50
    PMPMS-1.2 75-90um - 10g
    PMMA Microspheres 1.2g/cc 75-90um - 10g
    In Stock $112.50
    PMPMS-1.2 90-106um - 10g
    PMMA Microspheres 1.2g/cc 90-106um >90% in range - 10g
    In Stock $112.50
    PMPMS-1.2 90-106um >95% - 5g
    PMMA Microspheres 1.2g/cc 90-106um >95% in range - 5g
    In Stock $112.50
    PMPMS-1.2 106-125um - 10g
    PMMA Microspheres 1.2g/cc 106-125um - 10g
    Email Us $125.00
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