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    Material Safety Data Sheet - Hemispherically Coated Solid Glass Microspheres

    • Core: Solid Ceramic Microspheres
    • Hemispherical Coating: Specified Color (30-50% Coverage), Other Colors by Request
    • Diameter: >90% of particles in specified size range
    • Shape: >90% spherical particles
    • Reactivity: Inert in most solvents
    • Provided in as dry powder.

    The spheres were originally developed for very high tolerance electronic digital displays where functionalized janus microspheres are used to create an image that appears to the viewer. Read more about Bipolar and Bichromal Microspheres in Electrophoretic Reflective Displays.

    Produced under Pat. 8,501,272

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    HCMS-YSZMS-RED 212-250um
    Hemispherically Coated Microspheres - Red Coating on Zirconia Microspheres - 212-250um
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